Top Bachelor Party Destinations: The Ultimate Guide for an Unforgettable Celebration

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There’s a lot of fun to be had at bachelor parties; the celebration of the last days of singlehood for any man should not be taken lightly. However, choosing the location for this party can sometimes mean the difference between all out fun and boredom. To help give your buddy the send off of his life, and your friends the time of their lives, here is a list of the best bachelor party destinations in the US and around the world.

Brides often Ask

What is The Most Popular Bachelor Party Destination?

‘Sin City’ Las Vegas is often known as a bachelor party capital. It is the perfect location to let loose of all inhibitions before committing to the journey of a lifetime.

Where is the Best Place For a Bachelor Party?

Goa, India, also known as the party capital of India, is one of the best locations for a bachelor’s party outside of any of the usual suspects.

What City Has the Most Bachelor Parties?

Las Vegas is the most renowned bachelor party destination. A city that doesn’t sleep, it’s a popular gambling hub complete with strip clubs, endless pool parties and bars, everything you might need for the ultimate party.

Who Pays For a Bachelor Party?

The groomsmen and best man traditionally pay for the bachelor party. However, where travel and lodging are involved, the groom would pay for his expenses.


Best Bachelor Party Destinations in the World

  • Miami: This fun-time location is known as one of the best US bachelor party destinations. You can have all-night parties on the beach and enjoy watersports in the daytime.
  • Barcelona: This affordable destination might just be one of the best bachelor party destinations on a budget. With a beach, great nightlife and affordable hotels, you can have a great time in an amazing city.
  • Montreal: This French province in Quebec, Canada is full of entertainment, from world-class restaurants to a vibrant night life and rooftop bar scene. There’s lots to choose from to create a night to remember.
  • Amsterdam: Fly to Amsterdam, one of the best outdoor bachelor party destinations for a real night on the town. Experience everything from great restaurants to cannabis cafes and even the renowned red-light district.
  • Bangkok: Get that once in a lifetime experience at the best international bachelor party destination of Bangkok. Lots of opportunities to party till dawn, have a relaxing time on the beach, or go on crazy adventures.
  • Ibiza: Known as one of the best bachelor party destinations Europe, this popular party central Spanish island is ideal for a stag do. Enjoy electrifying music in some of the best clubs ever.
  • Mykonos: Choose to party in luxury in picturesque Mykonos. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife from dusk till dawn while being surrounded with breathtaking views.
  • Denver: A pocket-friendly and safe location, Denver offers everything from city tours to hot party locations. You can either play it safe or go on thrilling adventures to remember.
  • Cancún: If you’re looking for best bachelor party destinations in the world, then consider stunning Cancun. It’s perfect for everything, from beach life with watersports, to fantastic weather, city tours and amazing nightlife.
  • Galveston: A great destination for a party, Texas offers a thrilling time in a lively city. You can choose to pub crawl, enjoy fantastic clubs, and also take part in other activities such as surfing or other water sports.
  • Austin: This location offers amazing nightlife which makes it one of the best bachelor party destinations in the USA. However, it also has an array of daytime activities such as the theater, art galleries and live music spots.
  • Belgium: Have a memorable weekend with the boys while exploring some of the greatest architecture in Europe and sampling the best beers.
  • Prague: Don’t hesitate to choose this adventurous location. In Prague you can go white water rafting in the rapids as a team during the day, and explore the fantastic bars and clubs at night.
  • Croatia: Another picturesque location, Croatia offers you an abundance of beach related activities and a lively night life. You could also choose unique experiences such as partying in a low temperature ice-bar where most everything is made of ice.
  • Colombo: With some out-of-the-box thinking, you can make your way to lively Colombo for the ultimate stag do. Apart from its rich heritage, Sri Lanka is home to exciting clubs, theatre productions, abundant beach parties and even relaxing ayurvedic spa services for men.
  • Rio De Janeiro: If you’d like to find beach bachelor party destinations, you could begin with Rio De Janeiro. Land of awesome nature, great beaches, endless nightlife, and at the right time of year, colorful festivals.
  • Cabo San Lucas: At this party city of Mexico, you can go on boat cruises and even catch fish, have dinner on the beach, and much later visit the local bars for a stag night party experience.
  • Goa: If you want to party hard at a budget friendly location, then Goa, India should be on your list. Enjoy everything from the air fare to great hotels, beaches and exquisite parties at pocket friendly prices.
  • Vienna: Known for its vibrant culture and amazing architecture, Vienna is one of those off-beat locations that surprises you with a host of activities during the day, and numerous upscale party locations at night.
  • Phoenix: You can choose to take a plane or fun road trip to Phoenix where you can enjoy impromptu but fun street parties or explore any of the many nightclubs.
  • Costa Rica: Party one last time before your nuptials in this land of spectacular beaches and opportunities to hike among wildlife. Create a memorable time with your friends surrounded by the most relaxing and stunning views.
  • Bali: A stag night in the tropical location of Bali is one that should be at least a few days long. This is because you would need enough time to explore the lush forests, white beaches, temples and healthy nightlife that can help you create a unique experience.
  • Puerto Rico: This epic bachelor party destination is a Caribbean Island that offers delightful beach bars that are fun day or night. You can also explore the hidden lagoons and clear waters of Vieques Island, enjoy exquisite delicacies and dance in Latin clubs.
  • Thailand: When visiting Thailand, you can choose to explore any of the beach destinations of Phuket, Koh Samui and Krabi in Bangkok. These are all ideal destinations with exquisite views and a host of fun activities.
  • Macau: Indulge yourself as you exit singlehood with style in this vibrant gambling hub of a city. Macau has lots of potential for adventure and places to explore and innumerable party locations for the perfect stag night.


Best Outdoor Bachelor Party Destination


Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is one of the most popular bachelor party locations, and by far the best if you are looking for an exciting nightlife with clubs, parties and casinos. However, there are other day time activities as well such as hiking the Arizona Hot Springs, ATV tours and golfing.


Whistler, British Columbia

For something different, you can take the party up to the Canadian mountains of British Columbia. Enjoy a day of zip lining, snowboarding and skiing down great heights before exploring the thrilling night time pubs the city has to offer.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Popularly known as the ‘Big Easy’, New Orleans is one of the best bachelor party destinations to go to for a laid-back fun time. Enjoy great southern food and outdoor activities such as swamp tours where you can see some crocs, airboat tours and even some fishing. Come the night, you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife that stretches till dawn.


Lake Tahoe, California

Easily one of the best bachelor party destinations in California, Lake Tahoe is a party location of adventure. Apart from enjoying its beaches and ski resorts, guests can partake in long or short distance hiking and water sports, all before creating a night to remember for the groom.

Moab, Utah

If you and your friends are lover of the outdoors, then Moab, Utah could be the best bachelor party destination for you. Create experiences to last a lifetime by going rock climbing, river rafting hiking or mountain biking together. For even more adventure, you ride the trails around the national park in daring ATV & UTVs.


Best Bachelor Party Destinations on a Budget

Austin, Texas

If you are looking to make the most of your money, then Austin can be a great location for a bachelor’s party. You can easily find pocket friendly entertainment and lodgings. Which is great because the city has a lot to offer. From great food to lively music, endless restaurants and bars as well as other outdoor activities, you can have your pick.


Nashville, Tennessee

Another affordable and yet popular bachelor party destination is Nashville, Tennesse. Don’t be deceived by its southern laid-back vibe. This musical city is packed with pocket friendly bars, hotels and restaurants to be found downtown, with good options for live music and party venues.

San Diego, California

Enjoy the best of California on a budget as you visit sunny San Diego. With a myriad of outdoor activities, beaches, pocket friendly restaurants, hotels and bars, you will be sure to get your money’s worth and some. A party destination with awesome weather, food and vibrant clubs. What more can you ask for?

Explore the options of some of the best bachelor party destinations in the US and around the world as you decide on the best location for a send off. From all night partying to exciting adventures, any of these locations can easily become the site for the ultimate party.