The Best Ways To Guarantee Your Guests Love Your Wedding

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Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. All the buildup of activities towards the day leaves you excited, anxious, and maybe overwhelmed. You have to try out dresses and makeup, meet up with vendors, and choose venues. Etc. It’s important to get the wedding details right but never forget the guests.

As much as it’s your day, ensuring the guests’ comfort makes it more beautiful. You’d have given them the best time of their lives, an appreciation to them for taking time out. This is very important because you don’t want people leaving your wedding with bad blood. However, you mustn’t bend over or go overboard with satisfying them, but work within reason.
So, in this post, we’ve put together a wedding details list of what the guests will love and what they don’t care about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are favors necessary at a wedding?

Favors at a wedding aren’t necessary, especially if you’re giving them just because you have to. So if your budget doesn’t accommodate them, don’t feel inadequate. It’s better to give your guests a meaningful experience than favors that will end up in the attic or thrash. You’re already treating them to a good time, drinks, food, music, and all-around entertainment. This should be enough. However, if you’re buoyant enough to appreciate them for taking out time to show up for you, gift them favors.

Is it ok to go to a wedding reception but not a ceremony?

No, it is not okay to do that. When you get invited to a wedding, it isn’t just to have fun but to watch your dearest take an important step. After the ceremony, the couple walks out through the aisle, giving them a bird’s eye view of those present. They will notice your absence and won’t think much of you if you just show up at the reception. So unless you have a valid reason which you’ve communicated to the couple before the wedding day, don’t skip the ceremony. If you do, don’t attend the reception, rather, mail them your gift.

Is it rude not to give a wedding gift?

No, it isn’t rude. It is always nice to express your congratulations with a gift, no matter how small. Even a gift card or little cash will do. However, it isn’t mandatory due to some exceptions. The guest may be struggling with their finances but wants to share your joy with you. You can’t burden such a person with gifts. Alternatively, they may have spent quite a sum attending your destination wedding. Expecting a gift after such sacrifice doesn’t sound right. So, if guests can afford gifts, accept with pleasure. But if they can’t, let their presence satisfy you.

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So what do guests care most about?

If you want to have a beautiful day, here are some tips to treating your guests like royalty at a wedding party.

  1. The ceremony
    Guests invited to your wedding understand the intimacy of wedding ceremonies, so they truly care about it. Make it worth their while by keeping it as short as possible. Stick to only the necessary things and make your sayings meaningful. If possible, make your ceremony inclusive. Rituals like passing the rings around will sure keep guests attentive and interested.
  2. The venue
    When choosing your wedding venue, remember that over 50% of the guests will have something to say about it. So, pick a venue that supports transportation ease without damaging vehicles. Also, ensure that there is ample parking space and guests don’t have to pass through troubles. Your decor and ambiance should send the right message of your theme and thoughts.
  3. The food
    It is common knowledge that food takes a huge chunk of the wedding budget because everyone looks forward to a good meal. So it’s important to hire a professional caterer for this. Following your wedding theme, the professional knows whether to go for plated meals, family dining style, or buffet. If you’ll have after-parties, finger foods should be available too.
  4. The drinks
    Guests want to have a good time and get wasted on booze. So an open bar is a good idea but alcohol isn’t cheap. Offer an assortment of wine and beer at different price ranges. You can also hire a mixologist to create signature cocktails and mocktails for the guests. This way, you can save up money while giving the guests a good time.
  5. The music
    The guests may forget everything but never the music. Hire a live band or DJ that can read the room and play the appropriate music per time. Your music section should know when to go slow or increase the tempo and draw guests to the dancefloor. You can also make guests feel important by asking them beforehand to contribute to your wedding playlist.


Things Your Wedding Guests Don’t Care About

Don’t spend your time fretting over things that your guests won’t even care about. We’ve listed a couple of things that they don’t care about below.

  1. Wedding Invitations
    We agree that your wedding invitations should give a feel of what to expect on your big day. Unfortunately, as beautiful as they are, their place is in the thrash. So instead of spending exorbitant sums on invites, look up places like Target and Etsy to get jaw-dropping designs for a little price. Better still, you can check online, download designs that suit your theme, and mass print them.
  2. Ceremony Programs
    Nobody looks at the ceremony programs anymore. Oftentimes, they’re dumped right in the ceremony or reception halls. Ditch the programs and opt for chalk or acrylic boards that detail the order of the day. Keep them at strategic points at your ceremony and reception venue. The guests will get the whole idea.
  3. Wedding Guest Book
    Do we say guest books are archaic? No, they are cute but pricey and time-consuming to preserve. Skip them altogether and opt for a huge portrait with loved-up pictures of the couple. Keep this portrait at the entrance with markers so that guests can sign on it. After the wedding, frame it and hang it up in your home.
  4. Flowers
    While designer flowers flown in from Kenya and Florence are breathtaking, no one will notice. The real essence is to create a relaxing and classy ambiance. So why not employ prudence and save some money. Patronize your local florists for fresh blooms with alluring fragrances. You can also opt for artificial flowers and they will turn out perfect.
  5. Table Linens
    Displaying table linens is a mere formality for keeping classy and some guests may even find them irritating. The bad part is that they cost good money. So instead of splurging on them, we advise you to go for affordable fabrics that merge with your theme. Better still, you can go without them if you’re titling towards a rustic theme with farm tables.

What can I use instead of wedding favors?
It is not that easy to replace wedding favors but we can provide the guests with memories and unforgettable experiences.

For example, fireworks, a champagne tower, one-of-a-kind shows… the goal is to them a great time and have them enjoy themselves.

What do you want your guests to remember most about your wedding?

I think what guests remember the most is the atmosphere. Thanks to a flawless organization, the design, and unique experiences we can give them striking memories that will last forever.


How To Include Virtual Wedding Guests

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If for any reason, you can’t have all guests physically present at your wedding, carry them along through virtual means. Here are some ways to virtually include them, so they don’t miss out.

  1. Social Media Group
    YouTube and Facebook are two of the most versatile platforms that you can use. Upload videos and pictures, go live, hold game events, and communicate. The interactive nature of social media will help break the ice between guests and heighten the excitement of the wedding.
  2. Set a Place For Them
    While organizing your seating chart, include them as if they were there. Keep a seat with their framed picture on their part of the table. Ensure to take a snapshot and send it to them.
  3. Include Them In The Program
    Ask guests to send in something they’d wish to say to you in person. Print them into your program and read them during the reception while they watch from their homes.
  4. Set Up An Area Guests Can Connect With Them
    Set up space in the lounge where everyone can connect. Use a projector so that the pictures will be huge and clear on both ends. Guests will enjoy seeing people that they’ve missed for a long while.
  5. Send Them Favors In Advance
    If they won’t be present at the wedding, send them hampers filled with celebratory items. Include mini champagne bottles, cookies, homemade blends, decor essentials like Mylar or balloons, centerpieces, etc.

Planning a wedding is fun but can be a nightmare if your guests are uncomfortable. So you want to do everything right by them. But you may either be focusing on the wrong things or exerting yourself when you shouldn’t. This post makes it easier by showing you what the guests care for or don’t care about. Use this guide to ensure a stress-free wedding preparation and day.