Micro Wedding Venues Trendy Ideas For 2023

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    Your wedding day should be the most memorable day of your life. Adapting to the “new normal” of 2023 due to the pandemic can be a bit of a challenge. With closed borders, stay-at-home orders, and safety measures, you might feel a bit overwhelmed!

    Don’t fret! You can still have your dream wedding. Micro wedding venues are intimate and romantic. You may have to narrow down your guest list to 50 or so of your family and close friends. Choose a venue that’s close to homes such as a park, boat dock, or your favorite cafe!  Wedding vendors are designing elegant micro wedding packages to fit every bride’s dream!

    An Atmospheric Dock Wedding

    Do you live near a lake or beach? A long dock is a perfect spot for micro weddings. With string lights, flowers, and the beauty of a boat dock at night, you’ll have the perfect setting! Dock weddings can be set at any time of year, but of course Summer, Spring or Autumn would be ideal! Imagine your family and friends gathered around on a deck strewn with sunflowers and pumpkins in the Fall! The lights reflecting on the water will add to the mystery and romance of the evening.


    Contact local yacht clubs, boat decks, fishing piers and restaurants with docks for rates and availability.

    Cheerful Wedding In Flower Field

    Nothing says romance like a field of flowers! Imagine yourself in a field of tulips or sunflowers or orchids! Spring and fall are ideal times to plan a micro wedding in a field of gorgeous flowers near a babbling brook. Imagine your guests dining on an intimate feast set in a field of lavender or lilacs!

    • Just remember to warn your guests as some of them may suffer from seasonal or floral allergies!


    Consult your florist for ideas for the field of flowers to watch your vision. Plan accordingly as certain flowers are native to specific locations and seasons! Support a local business and adorn your bridal party with flowers galore!

    Rooftop Wedding With Stunning Views

    One of the most popular micro wedding venue ideas for 2023 is a rooftop wedding. Of course, if you live in a big city like New York, San Francisco or Boston, you’ll have gorgeous city views! However, a rooftop wedding in a remote location can be just as stunning!

    • Tasteful decor and romantic lighting will make your rooftop wedding the best micro wedding you could imagine!


    Keep in mind that along with breathtaking views, the weather may plan a factor. Wind can be an issue for rooftop weddings. Be sure that everything can be secured. As well, you should ensure that it is also waterproof. Keep your guest list small for safety reasons.

    Intimate Wedding Aboard A Sailboat

    Why not take to the seas? Sailboats are in demand for small, intimate weddings. If you are planning a small wedding, a sailboat is the perfect place!

    Of course, like other micro wedding venues, sailboats have their pros and cons. A plus would be that you can host both your wedding and reception at the same venue. And most boats provide all-inclusive wedding packages for affordable rates. And let’s not forget about the view!

    Along with breathtaking views, the weather may plan a factor. Wind can be an issue for rooftop weddings. Be sure that everything can be secured. As well, you should ensure that it is also waterproof. Keep your guest list small for safety reasons.

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    Simple Yet Chic Desert Weddings

    Looking for a chic and simple micro wedding idea? If you can stand the heat, a rustic desert wedding provides a stunning palette of gorgeous color!

    Picture cacti, a star-filled sky, and red rocks as the backdrop of your wedding photos! Those who prefer to be a bit off-the-grid will love the idea of a secluded desert wedding! You can choose a boho-chic theme, a Navajo theme, or embrace the idea of sweet succulents!

    • Make sure your guests are able to withstand the heat! Hydration is the key so provide plenty of water along with your themed beverages! A rustic dessert wedding will be one you will remember forever!

    Desert micro-weddings are best when held within stunning National Parks or protected Conservation Areas. Guest counts are defaulted to 50 or less, in most areas, which creates a natural containment for your guest list! Many of these areas, such as the Valley of Fire or Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, require that special permits are obtained; often the couple cannot request these, but rather a pre-approved wedding planner needs to work with the park directly. Do research for your area, ask the park’s staff to give you a trusted vendor list or referral to get started!

    Breezy Beach Wedding Inspiration

    Who doesn’t love a beach wedding? Weddings are one of the top micro wedding venues for 2023. A sunset wedding on a secluded beach surrounded by your loved ones is the epitome of romance! Listen to the waves lapping the shore and witness the brilliance of a sunset over the ocean!

    Beach weddings can be as formal or informal as you like. From Victorian to Boho Chic, the ideas are endless! However, the simpler the better for a micro beach wedding venue! Light, flowy dresses and comfy shoes such as sandals or flip-flops are the perfect attire!

    • Provide sunscreen, bug spray, beach blankets, and parasols for your guest’s comfort!


    Backyard Wedding At Family Home

    A backyard wedding at your family home is the number one solution for small wedding ideas! Chances are, most of your guests will be familiar with the location, and hopefully, close by!

    If you don’t have a backyard, ask a family member to open up their home! You can decorate for the fraction of a cost of a formal venue! The money you save on the cost of a venue alone can increase your wedding budget! Personal touches will make your small wedding venues even more memorable!

    Check with your providence to ensure that your wedding plans adhere to fire codes, noise ordinances and so forth. Plan for indoors as well in case of inclement weather.

    Romantic Local Park Wedding Venues

    Another great venue for an intimate wedding is a local or historic park. A park wedding can be poetic and inspiring. Whether you choose a historic park or a small park in your hometown, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous nature setting!

    Of course, you will have to get permission before you can start planning a park wedding! And don’t forget to check if there are restrooms for your guests.


    What makes a park wedding and reception better than food trucks? Add some variety to your menu by enlisting the help of local food trucks. As well, you can provide fun activities such as horseshoes, Cornhole, croquet or bad mitten for unique wedding venue ideas!

    Art Gallery Space For Modern Couples

    Stumped for unique wedding location ideas? How about an art gallery? Why not start your married life surrounded by inspirational works of art such as sculptures, hand-blown glass or paintings?

    The space restraints at a museum or art gallery are perfect for small wedding venues! The epitome of coziness, romance and intimacy!

    • Of course you will have to plan your decorations and theme accordingly! You don’t want to clash with the aesthetics of the galleria! And your guest will have to take care not to damage any of the artifacts! A museum garden is perfect for an initial wedding reception!

    However, this setting is perfect for those who love class, history and sophistication!

    Fairytale Wedding In The Wood

    Are you planning a fairytale wedding? How about a forest setting? Some of the best wedding venue ideas are those that are simple yet ethereal and romantic!

    • A woodland setting is a perfect space for a fairytale wedding! It’s secluded, intimate and your wedding photos will be absolutely gorgeous!

    Keep in mind that you will have to acquire the necessary permits. And the weather is a factor, so plan for any sudden changes! However, a forest wedding surrounded by trees and perhaps near a lake or brook is what every princess bride has imagined! With it’s changing leaves and cooler weather, Autumn is the perfect season for a woodsy wedding!



    Are you inspired by our suggestions for micro wedding venues? The sky’s the limit when it comes to planning an intimate wedding! Don’t forget that you can broadcast your wedding online and/or record it for those who are unable to attend! And you can always throw a big party on your anniversary when the pandemic restrictions have been lifted!

    Don’t let the pandemic squash your ideas of your dream wedding! Use our suggestions as a guide to planning the perfect intimate wedding! Your wedding will be perfect no matter the venue or season!