20 Super Cute Gay and Lesbian Wedding Ideas

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    After all the struggle, it’s a win for the strong LGBT community, as you can now express your love legally. The wait is over, and same-sex couples are seeking gay and lesbian wedding ideas for nuptials. You want to make it official and we are oh so happy to be of immense help to you all.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do gay weddings have a best man?

    A gay wedding is a wedding just like any other. The fact that it is same-sex does not mean the rules automatically change. Just like any other wedding, the couple can choose to go traditional or completely reinvent their big day to reflect their personalities. So, if you’re looking for lesbian wedding ideas or gay wedding ideas for having a best man or not, know that it is all up to you to have a best man or best woman.

    20 Awesome LGBT Wedding Ideas

    While a same-sex wedding does not have to be different from any other. It can also be a good time to throw the traditional rule book out the window, and just have fun.


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    • Have your wedding ceremony and dinner party at the same time. Who needs to wait?
    • Introduce cocktail hour during the ceremony. Let guests sip and enjoy while you are joined.
    • Forget a chapel. Find a location you both love and use for the ceremony.


    Curved Seating Pattern

    The straight-row seating pattern is kind of out of style. Do something creative by seating guests in a circular pattern, so they can witness your love effortlessly.



    Same-Sex Pride Decor Idea

    When you’re thinking of gay wedding ceremony ideas, there are so many ways to subtly or boldly infuse gay pride in your wedding.

    • Use the LGBTQ flag colors for your theme and you can’t go wrong.
    • Have flowers, runners, and bouquets carefully chosen in the flag colors.
    • Your cake shouldn’t be left out. It could be baked in pride colors on the outside or only on the inside, to match your pride décor.



    Cute Photos

    Embrace some of the most beautiful wedding ideas perfect for gay wedding reception photos. Kiss under sparkle rain, show off rings, use a photo booth, hold up love banners, etc.



    Hidden Colors

    Beautiful same-sex wedding ideas can come in a plain-colored cake with hidden colors within. A simple pastel color-covered cake will show off layers of rainbow color when cut open.



    Rainbow Inspired Confetti

    Having a dilemma with lesbian wedding ceremony ideas for a wedding theme? Add a splash of color to your day by making your confetti a rainbow color affair.


    Fun Signage

    Looking for the perfect LGBT ideas with which to make an entrance into your wedding? Fun signs are the way to go, as your cute pet or bearer walks before you.



    Same-Sex Flatware

    Monogrammed flatware for Mrs and Mrs or Mr. and Mr. is the perfect one for the dessert table. One of the best and personalized same-sex wedding ideas to adopt.


    Intimate Vows Idea

    Lesbian wedding vows don’t have to be different from any other. They can be just as traditional, fun, or simple as the couple desire.

    • Simple but fun vows would be great for a casual-themed wedding.
    • Traditional vows with an intimate twist would work for a traditional wedding.
    • Heartfelt and unconventional vows would not be out of place for a beach or bohemian wedding.



    Minimalist Gay Ceremony Idea

    Whether you’re getting gay or lesbian wedding ideas from Pinterest or not, a minimalist wedding makes things so much easier. You can do without a lot for this style of wedding.

    • If your home has a minimalist theme, you can choose to have the wedding there, with only a few close family and friends.
    • You can choose to do without a wedding party, so it is just you and your partner.
    • For your attires, you can go with simple suits or dresses that sport a pride-colored cufflink or brooch.


    Matching Accessories

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    One of the essentials of planning a wedding is getting the right accessories. Pair it off and show solidarity with your beloved by wearing the same floral design.



    Small Attire Accents

    For spectacular gay wedding ideas, add cute accents to your attire that make a bold statement in a subtle way.

    • A bowtie in pride colors can be cute and classy.
    • Have matching pride brooches pinned to your dresses or cufflinks for your suits.
    • Try matching pride-colored socks or even sneakers for a casual gay wedding.


    Awesome Cake Toppers

    Thinking of LGBT ideas that could help you add a personal touch to your wedding? Do so with double Mrs, double Mr., loved up geese or ganders, and other awesome wedding cake toppers.



    Love Matching Jackets

    One of the best same-sex wedding ideas is love expression. Do that with matching jackets or shirts that have inscriptions on how much you love each other.


    Pride Shoes

    Another way to show off your pride while celebrating your day is in your shoes. Rock a pair of sneakers with rainbow soles and laces for that color fiesta anytime you raise your legs.


    Two Bride – Funny Invite Designs

    Everyone knows that the queens of a chessboard are powerful. Show girl power in your invitation by creating funny wedding invitations.



    Non-traditional Wedding Attire

    If you’re having a non-traditional wedding, then you’re free than most to do just what you want with your wedding attire.

    • Jazz up your gay wedding reception with cowboy boots and cowboy attire for a countryside wedding.
    • Think shorts and bright-colored shirts for a summer wedding.
    • If you want a semi-formal look, then wear matching suits or dresses, but with the personality of each partner shining through.


    Double Bouquets

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    Two brides, two bouquets, one of the most awesome lesbians wedding ceremony ideas ever. Show the happy guests that two are better than one, and two can play.



    Signal Cupcakes

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    Blue colors, pink colors, bow patterns, Cinderella dress patterns, or whatever suits. Cute cupcakes is a same-sex wedding idea that helps you push out your personalities through their designs.


    Rainbow Cakes

    In place hidden colors, show off your pride at first look by making a rainbow-colored cake instead. From the outer layer and covering, to the intricately detailed embellishments, make it an affair of beautiful colors.



    Unconventional Brides

    Are the Mrs and Mrs not into the princess wedding dress things? Rock on hot and lavishly styled jumpsuits that will knock the breath off your guests.

    Not too many creative gay and lesbian wedding ideas in the past. But everywhere is expanding to accommodate the unique same-sex couples, and this includes the wedding industry. Hence, we have drawn up a selection of new, refreshing, and currently trending wedding ideas for same-sex. If you’re having a lesbian or gay wedding anytime soon, check up on these LGBT ideas. From your wedding ceremony to the wedding reception, and after, we’ve got you covered!