30+ Winter Wedding Hairstyles For Elegant Brides [2023 Guide & FAQs]

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Everything bodes well for winter weddings, creating a dreamy atmosphere. Think about how the white dresses blend into the snow or how the weather creates a chilly romantic ambiance, and you’ll agree with us. Another thing that agrees with the season is the winter wedding hairstyles. Brides are free to make bold and dramatic wedding hairstyles for winter.

These hairstyles are sophisticated, elegant, and functional to combat the chill. Now, getting your hair into your preferred style might prove difficult because of the winter temperament, but you’ve got help. Whether you want an updo, braided style, chignon, buns, or heavy accessories, our collection offers you choices. See our catalog below and choose a hairstyle that suits your personality and the season.


Brides Often Ask

What is the best hairstyle for winter brides?

The best hairstyles for winter weddings range from voluminous to crisp. Brides can wear updos, especially those with fine hair. They can also wear loose glamorous curls, half up half down, and the styles in between. If the bride is wearing a coat or fur, she can get away with top knots as her neck is protected. Bangs are also great choices, however; with a twist.

What are the best hair accessories for a winter wedding?

There are no specific wedding accessories that cannot fly in the winter season. But some accessories are preferred for winter over others. Think sparkly headbands, wreaths and halo crowns, hair pins, and velvet ribbons. You can also wear sensual headbands, crystal barrettes, and veils that connect with the seasonal spirit.

What are the most popular hairstyles for winter weddings?

For simplicity, go with a braided low bun or a crown of curls that channels royalty. You can also wear a boho-inspired polished updo or a beautiful blowout for outdoor weddings. Wear French twists, deep side twists, or a playful pony, or leave your natural voluminous tresses to fall. Other ideas include big bouncy curls, a classic chignon, soft shiny waves, or high buns


Winter Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

For the Rapunzel brides, long hair winter wedding hairstyles include relaxed waves that scream beachy glam. Furnish this trendy loose waves hairstyle with a tiara.

If you want a fun and effortlessly chic vibe, a topsy-tail maid from miniature ponytails is perfect. This look would work for boho brides. You can also consider sweeping your curled locks to one side and accessorizing them with a statement vintage pin or comb.

Or you can bring home the half-up curled style with a few sprigs of baby’s breath. A braided halo is an epitome of feminine and soft. Dot this hairstyle with fresh mini roses for that princess look.


Winter Wedding Hairstyles Medium Hair

Winter wedding hairstyles for medium hair can go from the classic Hollywood waves to a modern chignon. Put your hair in a messy knot at your nape and manipulate the hair around your hairline into soft natural waves. Pair this style with a cap sleeve dress to show off your shoulders and give an ethereal look.

If you want to show off your face while keeping it simple, opt for loose curls pinned to the side with a bejeweled clip. You can also blow-dry and style your hair half up. Perfect this look with beaded or pearl clips.

With your medium hair, you can nail a sleek and chic ponytail. Straighten the ends and add some shine for some sophistication.


Short Hair Winter Wedding Hairstyles

Winter wedding natural hairstyles for short hair are cute, from bows to lbs, pixies to vintage or beach waves, and more. For the bride with ultra-short hair, incorporate a feminine floral comb with delicate accents. Match this comb with your earrings while letting your dress shine through.

You can also go glossy glam with a blunt bob and full bangs. This look adds a new level of sleekness to your dress. But if you are looking for a balance between old-world charm and modern, consider brushed-out finger waves dotted with tiny blooms.

For brides with short thick hair, a spiral-out style with romantic curls shooting out is perfect. Simply cut the sides extra short and the result will be a big and sexy stream of curls giving a playful look.


Bridal Updos For Winter Wedding

Updo wedding hairstyles for winter weddings work well with high-necked dresses, elongating your neckline. Soft messy buns pull the hair away from the face, and if you add some braids, you would look knockout. You can also sweep your hair into a high bun and leave some tendrils around the face.

This idea has a Cinderella effect, softening your whole look. Add some sparkle like a crystal or pearl hair comb to soften the look. Now if you want to look classic and elegant, opt for a textured variation of updo where it’s tucked into itself. This style can go with minimal to no accessories.

Half Up Winter Wedding Hairstyles

Winter wedding hairstyles in half up have this cozy vibe they give a bride’s overall look. Some half-up winter wedding hairstyles are perfect when swept to the side to keep hair away from the face. Accompany this hairstyle with a flower crown to give a relaxed boho look. We suggest flowers and berries on your crown to ring in the seasons.

You can also combine waves, curls, and loose braids for a romantic natural feel or opt for an elaborate half-up with braids curls, and twists. Soften this dramatic hairstyle with loose tendrils around the face for a flirty look.


Easy Winter Wedding Hairstyles

You can take easy winter wedding hairstyles from the old world, and contemporary settings, or create a blend. For instance, a modern faux bob is both timeless and modern with a fun and unexpected twist. Pinback the hair with stylish pins and it will stay through the day.

Another wedding staple is the braided crown that is perfect for the outdoors. Weave in some sprigs of greenery to get the fairytale feel. But if you want something simple and even more flattering, a volume-packed ponytail is one of the easiest styles. Tease the ponytail with a come and flatter it more by leaving a few pieces to frame the face.

For brides with the thickest and longest locks, consider a Grecian goddess braid for an outdoor wedding.

Winter Wedding Hairstyles With Veil

For winter wedding hairstyles with a veil, go with voluminous curls and cinch your veil below the crown. Pair this look with a textured dress for a regal finish. If you have a blunt cut, match it with a sweeping veil and accessorize with flowers. Another stunning winter wedding hairstyle is the fishtail braid with fringe.

Fix your veil on your crown and display a French girl twist. For a bun hairstyle, add a halo of ivory flowers and top it off with a vibrant veil. This style is the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary.

You can also loosen up a bit by pumping up the hair volume in a ponytail and leaving out some romantic strands to kiss your veil. The center part low chignon and a veil tucked above the knot are a classic combination. Pair this with a strapless dress or exaggerated sleeves for a simple or dramatic look.




Hair Accessories For Winter Weddings

Winter wedding hairstyle accessories like the pearl headband make a regal topper. Match this look with crushed velvet and jewel-toned silk for a quintessential look. Another stunning hairstyle is the high bun complemented with a nest of crystals. Guests would never take their eyes off you.

You can also consider side braids with a feature piece like white rhinestones to match the winter. Rapunzel much? Opt for loose curls paired with vines and accents for a timeless look. The flower crown is also a great addition for free-spirited brides. Color coordinate with your bouquet, dress, and venue to create a cohesive look.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles Winter Wedding

Your bridesmaids are a reflection of you, so we would spare nothing to make them look alluring. Some of the best winter wedding bridesmaid hairstyles include an elaborate updo where you combine buns, and braids and top off with a bow. This gives all the princess vibes you can imagine.

They can also rock a jumbo bun sitting just above the nape. Pair this look with floral dangling earrings. How about a sleek deep center part braided low bun with a crystal sparkling headband? Yes! That works. Other options include the halo braid, floral bun, and crown or an unfettered mass of ringlets and curls.


Winter Wedding Guest Hairstyles

We fell in love with some of the most exquisite winter wedding guest hairstyles like the elegant French twist and full frontal bangs. Guests can also rock a half up half down style with plaits woven in lace. For that beachy vibe, guests can simply blow-dry their hair, infuse some waves and let them fall.

However, low-loose multiple buns can help create a classic look just like the soft rolled updo. Moreover, if you feel like channeling some Hollywood glam, flatten your hair roots until the end and tip them into waterfall curls. But for a balance between summer and casual, a relaxed chignon is the way to go.


Many factors go into choosing winter wedding hairstyles. Your dress, accessories, season, and headpieces hold great influence. However, we have rolled out some of the best winter wonderland winter wedding hairstyles. You will also learn how to accessorize and pair it with your dress. So are you ready to tick your hair off the wedding planning checklist? See this post for all the guides and tips for choosing a winter wedding hairstyle.