30 Asian Wedding Hairstyles Ideas For 2023 [Guide & FAQs]

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The countries in Asia are a blend of rich culture and habits, especially for celebrations. However, something that binds them all is the style, flamboyance, and opulence associated with weddings from attire to hairstyles. Talking about Asian wedding hairstyles, we see lots of uniqueness and creativity leading to a mesmerizing and youthful look. So if you’re looking for wedding hairstyles that suit your hair length or texture, check this post. Also, follow our comprehensive on how to pamper and volumize your hair before the wedding.

Asian countries are a blend of differences between cultures and habits. The styles are unique and different from each other. But one thing binds all in common – the style statements are all mesmerizing and creative. If you are the bride-to-be and are searching for youthful looks, these Asian wedding hairstyles can be of great help.

Their fashion looks are all sleek, chic, edgy, and elegant. With various looks and styles to check out, these Asian wedding hair looks surely make a great style statement for all young women out there who are looking forward to the big day.

How do Asian brides wear their hair?

Asian brides wear their hair in an airy and soft updo. This style is a beautiful and versatile complement to the many outfit change throughout the day. Also, it’s easier to incorporate cultural elements and accessories in this hairstyle.

Asian Wedding Hairstyles For Different Hair Lengths

Whether you’re looking for wedding hairstyles for Asian long hair, or short or medium tresses, we’ve got you covered. This category covers creative hairstyles for all hair lengths.


Asian Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Asian wedding hairstyles for long hair would always serve beauty and they’re timeless.
So if your hair is waist length, a thick braid with traditional ornaments is natural and classy. You can also wear a cross-hair bun embellished with beautiful flowers like orchids, roses, and carnations.

We also love the rapunzel fishtail braid studded with small white jasmine or pearls. Luscious waves, voluminous buns, and detailed braids are other beautiful options you can wear. You can also pile your waist-length hair into cascading curls adorned with tiny blooms and pins. Or wear flowing beach weaves with a floral tiara.


Medium Hair Asian Wedding Hairstyles

Asian wedding hairstyles for medium hair don’t get better than fish braided side buns. Pair this look with a heavily embellished dress and lots of jewelry. Another option is to spot simple, yet stunning loose, flowing waves if you’re wearing a veil. This look will add an element of glam to any bridal look.

For a princess look, consider a volumized high bun with classy diamante or pearl-encrusted mini tiara. You can also wear a bouffant bun with the drama in front and a neat back. Match this look with a bedazzling headpiece and an ornate necklace. However, if you want to stay true to the culture, wear a classic messy floral chignon that doesn’t fail to impress.


Short Wedding Hairstyles Asian

Asian wedding hairstyles for short hair are a toast among modern and fashionable brides. If you have cropped hair, wear a flower wreath or garlands over your head for a stylish look. Brides with some inches of hair can embrace the texture, especially for curly hair. Sweep it into a half-up and accessorize with headbands.

Brides with bobbed hair would love beach waves pinned on each side. Accessorize with fresh flowers matching your bouquet. You can also make a high voluminous ponytail with fanciful pins nested on the sides of your head. We love the idea of an elevated chignon for shoulder-length hair or a classic low bun with framing tendrils.


Hairstyles For Asian Wedding: Most Popular Ideas

The most popular Asian wedding hairstyles include braids, buns, curls, and waves. So check out these style variations for your romantic, bohemian, beach, and modern wedding affair.

Asian Wedding Updo Hairstyles

Asian wedding updo hairstyles are versatile and suit everyone from the bride to guests. However, bridal updos are more elaborate in volume and accessories. They’re perfect for strapless dresses, high Neckline, full skirts, and mermaid silhouettes. Medium and long hair can pull off updos with ideas like the romantic boho textured layered updo. You can also consider ponies with side braids and statement earrings for a stylish look.

If you want to add some dimensions, swoop the hair into big curls and roll up messy. Volumize the crown and leave some wispy strands to frame the face. The classic chignon is sophisticated for any wedding and doesn’t need too many accessories, but fresh blooms. You can also wear a half-up with braids and tiara, a messy top knot bridal bun, or braided pinned-up curls.


Wedding Hairstyles Down

Asian wedding hairstyles down could feel more comfortable than wearing your hair in a style that isn’t you. So whether you’re a guest, mother of the bride, or bride, hair down is something you can pull off. You can work with your texture, spice things up with curls and waves, or top off with accessories and delicate flowers.

If your hair is shoulder-length, do a swept-back pin-up, spiced with pins, and several topped with tiny pearls. But if you have long hair, free-flowing strands with some braids are effortlessly bohemian and romantic. We also love the half-up, brushed-out medium curls for that lived-in look and the timeless, romantic wavy cascade. If you want to look sleek and simple, opt for dressed-down pony waves. You can also wear defined coiffed waves, and bombshell curls for sophisticated elegance.

Asian Wedding Braid Hairstyles

Asian wedding braid hairstyles are the most sought-after looks to make a traditional but stylish statement. Braids are also fuss-free, versatile, timeless, and add a wow appeal to your bridesmaids’ look. Some of the most stunning Asian ideas are braided updo twirled with floral accessories and fancy pins.

You can also knot braids or layered braided buns peppered with the baby’s breath. Undone or messy braids clipped with yellow roses, half cascading braids blended with waves, and side braid paired floral crowns are just perfect. If you’re expressing a whimsical theme, side-swept fishtail braids, crown braids with floral adornment, or multi-braided updos are just the right fit.


Asian Bangs for Wedding

Bangs are one of the most popular wedding hairstyles for Asian women because they mainly have round faces. It suits them best. Moreover, their hair texture makes it easy for bang styling because it’s lightweight. So whether you’re the bride or guest, get inspired by beautiful ideas like an edgy-highlighted bob with bangs.

This is perfect if you want to create a messy look on short, thin, and wavy hair. You can also opt for classic chignon with wispy Bangs For a classic look. Or wear cascading waves with curtain Bangs for a beachy look while a half updo with side-swept Bangs will give that chic look.

Tips For Asian Hair Type

Styling Asian Wedding hairstyles are gorgeous, but handling the hair is a challenge because they’re mostly fine, straight, and thin. Hence, one of the major focuses of Asian bridal hair is body building and volume. In this category, you’ll find volumizing hacks using braids, products, rollers, and tongs.


The Braiding Hack

Wedding hairstyles Asianbraid options would give the hair dimension, texture, and volume. However, before braiding, work the hair into a full pin curl set to create a voluminous foundation. Then build on it after the braid by backcombing, if you’re going for a simple hairstyle. But for a more Glamorous look, our braid Hack ideas include a top messy knot with braids. We also love the Bouffant, soft waves and braids mix, low braided bun loose tendrils, and Dreamy updos with braids and twists.

Useful Styling Products

Fine, straight locks for wedding hairstyles Asian hair is a blessing and a dilemma. It’s smooth, responds well to heat styling, and has shine. Unfortunately, it falls flat, has no bounce, and is prone to oiliness. The one thing this hair type needs is volume and here are some products to help.

  • Sea Salt Spray: This spray type adds grittiness to a straight hair shaft, giving it a more textured look. Sea Salt Spray also eliminates excess oil, leaving it to move voluminous and lighter.
  • Body building shampoo: This product is especially good for limp and lackluster hair. Choose such shampoos that contain protein, keratin, and cellulose which pumps each strand of your hair. These ingredients are lightweight but volumizing and strengthening to give a bouncy look.
  • Dry shampoos: These are quick fixes that give immediate bounce to fine, flat, and straight hair. It adds volume and texture while absorbing oils that could cause dullness.
  • Other products are volumizing primers, hydrating and volumizing serums, extra volume mousse, and mists.


Curling Iron Skills

From beachy waves to curls and glam wedding Asian bridal hairstyles, curling irons could never go wrong. There are tons of videos and steps on Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram that can teach you styles. But see these hacks for successfully working with a curling iron.

  • Opt for barrel sizes based on your preferred curls. If you want loose curls, go with a bigger barrel. But for tighter curls, choose a smaller barrel.
  • Create skinny tight curls by first twisting your hair before wrapping it around the iron
  • If you want modern curls or cool straight girl ends, don’t use the clamp. Instead leave an inch or two at the end, unrolled.
  • Spritz some hairspray on your hair before curling to form and hold better.
  • When you start at the very root, the curls last longer
  • Tug at the curls while they’re still warm if you want beach waves
  • You can also put your hair in a pony and curl the ends. Then loose and run your hands through to get quick waves.

Hair Rollers

One of the beauty marks of hairstyles for Asian weddings is volume. And if you love curls, waves, and bulk, hair rollers are some of your best options. So to help you avoid flat hair, drop curls, and hair that looks drab instead of wonderful, we’ve got some roller styling tips.

  • Use Velcro rollers for naturally smooth hair as they’re less likely to tangle
  • But if you have thick hair, divide it into tons of small sections to get the best results
  • Opt for rollers that don’t heat up such as foam rollers and Velcro rollers. They have fewer possibilities of damaging your hair.
  • Remember that large rollers give fewer curls while smaller rollers would create more curls.
  • It’s easier for curls to form, hold and last longer in day-old hair, so wash hair and put it in rollers the night before.
  • If your hair can’t hold curls, skip conditioners during the wash and use volumizing products instead. Wrap your hair tight and smooth around the rollers and leave to cool before removal to get the best finish
  • Avoid indentation in your curls by wedging tissue before putting the roller pins
  • Lastly, always roll from tip to root and never wider than the roller width.

Asian wedding hairstyles are beautiful sights with volume, intricate details, and accessories. And we are already here for brides that need inspiration for channeling Asian bridal beauty. Our list of wedding Asian hairstyles is comprehensive but not exhaustive. However, brides with long, short, and medium hair will find styles, tips, and hacks that will appeal to them. So if you’re that intending bride, go through this post and choose your dream hair.