The Best Ideas For Summer Wedding Hairstyles 40+ Looks & FAQs

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You want to look breathtaking on your wedding day. So you’re intentional about the dress, make-up, fitness, body care, and other important stuff. One more thing to consider is your hairstyle, and oh! You’re having a summer wedding. The weather is hot and you want summer wedding hairstyles that would bang while defying the weather. We’ve got that sorted out for you, so don’t panic. In this post, we’ll show you the best hairstyles for various hair lengths, textures, and faces. If you want to DIY your hair, we’ve also got you covered. Simply scroll through and pick something that suits you.

Brides Often Ask

What is the best hairstyle for a wedding in hot weather?

Summer is the queen of ultimate hotness and humidity. So you want to mimic the season by looking hot without succumbing to its humidity. Wear hairstyles like side-swept looks curls or chic center parts. You can also wear a bedazzled low bun for a timeless look or Glamorous waves if you’re dramatic. If you want a minimalist look, try textured ponytails or vintage-inspired timeless twists. We also love the tousled ponytail, classic chignon, braided buns, or old Hollywood curls.

What are the best hair accessories for a summer wedding?

While you carefully choose the right dress and shoes to stay comfortable in summer, hair accessories are also a priority. Wear satin headbands if you’re working with a minimalist theme. But we love the idea of encrusted and custom headbands. You can also wear barrettes and clips, combs, and pins to look charming. Tiaras, ribbons, and mini veils also leave a classic touch that complements your overall ensemble.

How to choose the best summer bridal hairstyle for an outdoor wedding?

Choosing hairstyles for a summer wedding involves many factors. First, you must consider the hair length, whether long, short, or medium. If your hair is too short, extensions offer flexibility. Your hair texture can also influence your choices. For instance, curls give an advantage for many hairstyles. Whereas, straight hair can be the easiest to style and manipulate, depending on your chosen hairstyle. The last and perhaps the most important factor is your coordination. Your hairstyle must match your headpiece and attire. You wouldn’t want to wear a cascading ton of curls on a backless dress when you should show it off.


Summer Hairstyles: Ideas by Length

Wedding hairstyles for summer come in a variety of lengths. Whether long, short, or medium, you can still rock a dreamy hairstyle on your wedding day. And here are some ideas to help you.


Long Hair Styles For Wedding In Summer

Brides with long hair do not have a care in the world because your locks are versatile. We’ve put together some amazing summer wedding hairstyles for long hair to maximize your tresses.

Consider a half up half down hairdo with curly tips for the summer wedding. It is long-lasting and adds fullness to your locks. But if you want a chic look, wear a messy chignon, leaving some strands to soften and frame the face. Bardot bangs and french braid halo would also give a playful approach, especially for elopement weddings. However, keep the fringes in place by blow-drying and using hair spray. Go for a simple rope braid or a soft loose braid for romance themed wedding. For a boho look, try a braided crown with Diamante grips or wavy half buns.


Summer Wedding Mid-Length Hairstyles

Mid-length or medium-hair summer wedding hairstyles make a statement of class and sophistication. Create a beachy look with a chic blowout and windswept waves. If you’ve got natural spiral curls, rock them without manipulation for that playful and vivacious vibe. However, if your hair is thin and mid-length, tuck your bangs and create bodacious waves for a polished look.

And if you’re looking for elegance, opt for a loose updo with dimensions like twists, curls, braids, or waves. You can also embrace the Hollywood vibes by rocking brushed-out finger waves in blunt cut or a fab fringe. Best believe you’ll Ooze strength and femininity.


Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Short summer wedding hairstyles can give off a refreshing look. And we’ve curated the very best of short wedding hairstyles from shoulder to crown.

For instance, if you have very short hair or a crop, activate the curls and accessorize with a floral hair comb. Brides who have chin-length hair can manipulate it into a glossy blunt bob and full bangs. However, the modern bride would opt for chic finger waves, glamorous deep side parts, or braided pixie. You can also wear a pompadour on short locks by side-sweeping the glossy curls. Other interesting hairstyles include tossed-out curls, volumized blowouts, Mohawks, and more.

Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

This category looks at the chic, minimalist, rustic, modern, classic, and summer boho wedding hairstyles. Look through our creative ideas and let them inspire you.


Curly Wedding Hairstyles For Summer

Curly hair is the stuff of bridal dreams the hairstyles for a summer wedding are just numerous. The perfect summer beach wedding hairstyles for girls with curly hair include the Mermaid curls. They are voluminous, tightly wound, and would hold your hair accessories. If you’re having a boho or rustic wedding, manipulate your curls into a traditional updo with a twist.

Your ringlets would add volume to the messy hairstyle. You can also choose a half-up hairstyle infused with some braids for a relaxed, effortless vibe. But if you want to unleash the romance and glam, consider bouncy soft curls, siren waves, free-falling curls, or a messy bun.

Summer Hairstyles For Straight Hair

Summer wedding hairstyles for brides with straight hair lay the doubts to rest. There are many style options at your disposal even if you don’t have curls. So check out these ideas and be amazed.

Go for the minimalist look by maintaining a sleek straight hairstyle. Moisturize your hair with a serum to keep the frizz at bay for this style. Now, if you want to add some volume and body to your straight hair, consider a blowout. But for a chic red carpet or boho wedding theme, wear your hair in a sleek or messy ponytail. If you want to give an illusion of length and thickness, create dimension with a multilayered half up half down style. In addition to these hairstyles, other options include timeliness chignon, bouncy bon, relaxed low bun, and slicked back voluminous bun.


Summer Hairstyles For Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, there are many wedding hairstyles for the summer to choose from. So don’t panic. You should only look out for summer-proof hairstyles that add volume to your thinning tresses. And we’re here to help you with the best ideas.

Instead of a simple bun or updo, choose a twisted-down hairstyle that gives the illusion of a voluminous low bun. Another option is the sleek Mid-length or low ponytails with wispy hair to frame your face. Other hairstyle options are the flirty half up half down curls, pinned up curls, and volumized waves. If you want to channel a vintage look, choose side-swept tresses, braided bun, or volumized french twists.

Summer Hairstyles For Black Hair

One thing we can’t take away from black hair is its incredible versatility. So, if you’re looking for summer wedding hairstyles for black hair, they come in tons. However, we’ve curated a few ideas that you can use.

If you have locks, simply move them to the side and secure them with a statement clip. This style gives off the au-naturel vibe. But brides with thick hair may want something different and the quintessential chignon is spot on. Accessorize this style with a pearl headband for a classic, sleek look. If you want a chic style, consider a high ponytail or side-swept chignon. And for a casual look, do pinned curls or accessorized flat twists.

What can you advise as best summer options for brides?

Depending on the season, my recommendations may vary, always after consultation with the bride and her individual wishes. Depending on the quality of the hair, I recommend tying the hair in a beautiful ponytail at hot temperatures or even converting the entire hair into a romantic high bun. There are actually hair types that cannot withstand the heat or humidity of a high summer, so I would not recommend open hair or long waves in these cases. Often deep-tied ponytails or side set styles can convey the feeling of a full hairstyle, if that is the look and feel the bride desires.

Julia Fratichelli – bridal hairstylist and coach. Winner of GHDA Cutting Edge 2019 and finalist BTC 2x HotShot 2019


Simple Ways To Create Hairstyle For a Summer Wedding

If you’re looking for easy summer wedding hairstyles to do from the comfort of your home, get in here. This category contains all the DIY hairstyle ideas for brides, bridesmaids, and guests. So check them out.

Elegant Summer Wedding Updos

Updo summer wedding hairstyles are beautiful expressions for rustic, modern, bohemian, or beach weddings. They also bring on the romance as you first detangle, comb and relax the hair with mousse. Blow-dry your hair and activate the curls with a roller and heat. Use either curling set with velcro rollers or hot rollers straightaway.

After the hair cools down, take out the rollers and volumize by teasing the base of your curls. Then moisturize and stabilize with serum and wrap in an updo. You can spice it up with twists, braids, high or side buns, or accessorize right in your home.


 Cute Bridal Half Up Half Down

Half up half down is one of the best casual summer wedding hairstyles for many reasons. It’s easy to make, resilient against the Weather, and requires minimal fuss. Again, it works for different hair lengths, faces, and shapes. So, if you want to create this hairstyle in a quick time, see the steps.

Detangle and brush your hair, then section the top half from above your ear to the crown. Secure the top half with clips and then accessorize. If you want a sleek look, wrap the lower half around the top half and secure. However, you can pack the top half loosely while pulling out wispy face strands for a messy, natural vibe. Add Some texture and volume by spraying the roots.

Add Some Flowers To Your Hair

Flowers have a way of giving your wedding hairstyle a face-lift. Unfortunately, choosing hairstyles for a summer wedding with flowers could be a tad difficult. Although a challenge, see how to choose the best floral hairstyles that are summer-proof.

While many flowers are beautiful, they may wilt when cut. So target flowers with sturdy stems and petals like orchids. You should also look out for drier varieties like baby’s breath and lavender. Do consider the weight too, as flowers like roses can be deceptively heavy. Another factor to note is your hairstyle, dress, veil, or the lack of it. If you’re wearing an updo or ornate gown, you want to use simple flowers.


DIY Wedding Hairstyles

Ooze simplicity, class, and confidence with your DIY summer wedding hairstyles. And we assure you that no one would know that you didn’t step into a salon because you have us. One of our best ideas is the minimalist know. You can pack and roll your hair into a low or make it into a three-strand plait. Roll it at the nape of your neck and secure it with a pin.

But if your hair is short, you’d be an absolute stunner in a smooth lob. Massage your hair with smoothing cream, section it into horizontal layers, and blow-dry starting from the roots. Follow up through the layers in your chosen pattern and finish with a cold blast. If you want a textured ponytail, moisturize, blow-dry, and secure with an elastic.

Summer Hairstyles for Wedding Guests

The best hairstyles for summer wedding guests are simple, classy, and sturdy. The weather, which is hot and sticky would play a role in making choices. So to nail the perfect style, see some of our best ideas for mothers, children, and bridesmaids.


Bridesmaid’s Hairstyles for Summer Wedding

Bridesmaids are very active at weddings, seeing to the bride’s comfort. So only formidable summer wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids will do. You can opt for big glossy barrel curls with side parts. This hairstyle is adaptable to varying hair lengths and textures. But if an elegant look appeals to you, wear a sleek chignon or play off the bride’s style.

You may also consider a gentle braided updo, bombshell curls, or shiny waves for different hair lengths. These hairstyles never go wrong for semi-formal summer weddings. Lastly, if you’re having a rustic or bohemian-themed wedding, floral braided fishtails, burns, and milkmaid braids are perfect.

Mother Of The Bride Or Groom Hairstyles For Summer

The perfect summer wedding hairstyles for the mother of the groom and bride would depend on their style. Do they lean more towards traditional, casual, classic, looks? When you sort out this information, choosing a style gets easier.

For instance, a polished updo is a perfect formal look for the summer. However, keep a handful of Bobby pins in your purse for when the hair starts to unravel. Another timeless-chic hairstyle is the French twist. French twist remains a choice hairstyle because it suits all face shapes and complements any wedding style and dress. In addition, polished chignon, Bouffant with side bangs, and curly voluminous updos channels sophistication. If she wants a casual look, Crown braids with waves, pinned strands with curls, or a messy bun with a wispy front is the way to go.


Hairstyles For Little Girls

Children are exciting little additions to weddings, regardless of the season. So if your girls are the little brides, flower girls, or esteemed guests, you’ve got help. Get inspired by a collection of summer wedding hairstyles for little girls.

If you want a simple and stylish hairstyle that stays out of the way, try the fishtail braids. This hairstyle involves braiding her tresses and tucking them into each other to keep her comfortable. However, if you don’t mind a little sass, give her the princess look by manipulating her curls. Use heat, rollers, or braids to create curls that are classic and timeless. Other stunning hairstyles include floral-infused braids, curly chignon, double buns with bangs, Dutch braids, and loose updos.

It’s a wrap for summer wedding hairstyles, and there’s something for you regardless of your taste. We’ve curated cute summer wedding hairstyles for long, short, and medium hair. And it doesn’t matter if you’re the bride, bridesmaid, mother, child, or guest, you’ll find the information relevant. Besides, who wants to deal with crappy hair when they should be celebrating? Noot you, so check out this post!